ITMS 7.1 Sp2 - Unable to create the new product (Software Name): A software product matching the key of the one you are creating already exists

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Unable to create the new product (Software Name): A software product matching the key of the one you are creating already exists.


 Source: Altiris.NS.Services.CoreServices.SoftwareService.SaveNewSoftwareProduct

Description: Unable to create the new product (Adobe Acrobat ?.?): A software product matching the key of the one you are creating already exists 
StackTrace:   at Altiris.SoftwareManagement.Resources.SoftwareProductResource.CreateSoftwareProduct(String Name, String Description, Guid gCompany)
   at Altiris.NS.Services.CoreServices.SoftwareService.SaveNewSoftwareProduct(SoftwareComponent product, FaultDetail& fault)


 ITMS 7.1 Sp2


Every resource in the Symantec Management Platform has a resource key to identify it and merge duplicates.

These are stored in the ResourceKey table. A single resource key is comprised of 3 or more parts. If this resource key matches an existing Software Product, then you cannot save a new (duplicate) Software Product.

Examples: KeyName='vendor|name|ver|lang|arch' OR KeyName='vendor|name|ver'


You are getting this message because a duplicate Software Product already exists (not Software Release). The above resource keys are being used to identify an existing software product.

Software Products are meant to be high level containers of very specific software components. So, in this example, the user would create a Software Product named 'Adobe Reader X' and then edit the filters on the Identify Inventory tab to include all versions of Adobe Reader X. Change the Name filter to 'Adobe+Reader', the Company filter to 'Adobe', and the Version filter to '10.x'. This will match all versions of Adobe Reader X (past, present, and future) and automatically associate these components to your Software Product. If the Software Product already exists, go into the Software Catalog (Manage->Software Catalog) and then under the Managed section, select the option to Include pre-defined Software Products. This will list ALL Software Products that exist in the database. From here, the user can find duplicates and edit/delete them. Then, they can select their remaining Software Product and then make sure the filter is correct to associate all desired software components.


Another option is to use the 'Include components associated with other products' option on the bottom of the Identify Inventory tab.  By default, software components that are already associated with a Software Product will now show up on that tab even if they do meet the search criteria.  If you select that option, it will list components that are already associated with another product.  If you then hit the Save button, it will ask you if you want to disassociate those components from their currently associated Software Product, to the "new" Software Product you are working on.


STEPS TO FIND THE DUPLICATE/CONFLICTING Software Product if none can be found in the UI.


1. Collect an Altiris Profiler/SQL Server Profiler trace of the issue.

This will give you an exact example of the Software Product you are trying to save.

 2. Look for the exec dbo.[spRM_Software_Product_LookupResourcesByKeys] @KeyName=N'vendor|product',@KeyValue=N'<Copy the resource key from here>' stored procedure.

3. Use the ResourceKey of the example software recorded by the Altiris Profiler to locate the Software Product in the ResourceKey table.

4. Use the ResourceKey value collected in the below query, to find the matching duplicate.


SELECT sp.Guid

, vi.Name

, sp.IsManaged

, rk.KeyName

, rk.KeyValue

, vi.*

FROM dbo.[vRM_Software_Product] AS sp

JOIN ResourceKey rk

ON sp.Guid=rk.ResourceGuid

JOIN vItem AS vi

ON vi.Guid=sp.Guid

WHERE rk.KeyValue LIKE '%Put the resource keys from the Altiris Profiler trace here%'

Edit the matching Software Product's filters to match/include the Newly discovered Software that you are trying to save as a new Software Product.


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