CMDB task "Inventory to Asset Synchronization" does not sync the System Number

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When running the CMDB task "Inventory to Asset Synchronization" (Manage > Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB > Inventory to Asset Synchronization), the task works but does not sync works for the Serial Number, Manufacturer and Model, but not for the System Number.


CMDB 7.1, 7.5
Inventory Solution 7.1, 7.5


Defect, Etrack 2761276.

The Inventory to Asset Synchronization task looks for the Inventory Solution System Number (a.k.a., Asset Tag) data in the  Inv_SW_BIOS_Element.[Identification Code] data class. However, some hardware manufacturers do not store the data in this data class. This will result in the sync failing to populate any data into CMDB's System Number data class as the source data class is empty.


Symantec is investigating this issue.

A workaround is to change the Inventory to Asset Sync's stored procedure, "spAssetInventorySync", to use the alternate Inventory Solution data class desired and not the default one to correctly populate the CMDB System Number data class.

  1. Determine what Inventory Solution data class is to be used by the Inventory to Asset Synchronization. Known fields include:

    Inv_SW_BIOS_Element.[Identification Code] (default)
    Inv_HW_Chassis.[Asset Tag]
  2. Modify the stored procedure "spAssetInventorySync" to change the source field to be where the data is located at. Note: An example of an already-modified version of this stored procedure is available as an attachment to this article and is already set to use the Inv_HW_Chassis.[Asset Tag] data class. Please contact Technical Support if you would like to have this example modified version be set to go to a different data class other than the two listed above.
  3. Run the Inventory to Asset Synchronization task after the stored procedure was modified and saved. The correct System Number should now be copied to the CMDB System Number data class if it is not populated.

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