Not all point-in-time backup sets are displayed when doing a recovery using Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR)

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In a Central Admin Server Option (CASO) configuration, the following scenario will prevent SDR from being used to recover to some point-in-time backup




In a distributed CASO environment, a Central Administration Server (CAS) runs a point-in-time, SDR-compatible backup job (PIT1) of "Computer A" using managed Backup Exec server 1. At a later date, the CAS runs another point-in-time SDR-compatible backup job (PIT2) of "Computer A" again, but this time using managed Backup Exec server 2. In this scenario, the Backup Exec catalogs that are stored on the CAS reflect only the most recent PIT backup set (PIT2).

If "Computer A" suffers a disaster, boot "Computer A" with the SDR Recovery Disk and connect to the CAS to get the latest PIT (PIT2) backup set to
recover using SDR's remote recovery method. However, to restore to the older PIT 1 backup set that was created by using managed Backup Exec server
1, a connection must be made to managed Backup Exec server 1 rather than the CAS and then continue with the SDR recovery.


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