Agent installation on Windows Mobile Device fails

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Agent installation on Windows Mobile Device fails, AppUpdate.xml file is 0


Error in AppUpdate.log.txt

[18/Apr/2010:12:25:53 +0200] [2] Error 0x80004005: "\Program Files\Odyssey Software\AppUpdate\AppUpdate.xml" does not have a hash matching "D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E" [Product: Mobile Management Software Provisioning Configuration] [Version: 1.0] [Metric: FileHash] [File: {PROGRAMS.EN_US}\Odyssey Software\AppUpdate\AppUpdate.xml] [Hash: D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E]
[18/Apr/2010:12:25:53 +0200] [2] Error 0x80070002: "\Program Files\Odyssey Software\Athena\Athena-Configuration.lic" does not exist [Product: Mobile Management Agent Configuration] [Version: 1.0] [Metric: FileHash] [File: {PROGRAMS.EN_US}/Odyssey Software/Athena/Athena-Configuration.lic] [Hash: FA6A51C4ED66540ED04926220C6833A66427BB2B]
[18/Apr/2010:12:25:53 +0200] [2] Error 0x80070002: "\Program Files\Odyssey Software\Athena\wwwroot\RemoteControl\index.html" does not exist [Product: Mobile Management Agent (wince5-armv4)] [Version: 1.0] [Metric: FileHash] [File: {PROGRAMS.EN_US}Odyssey Software\Athena\wwwroot\RemoteControl\index.html] [Hash: 94E99955774C3E17F52704E3DA1B32BE5115C94D]
[18/Apr/2010:12:25:56 +0200] [3] Updated product "Mobile Management Software Provisioning Configuration" to version "1.0"
[18/Apr/2010:12:25:56 +0200] [3] Exiting with 0x00000001


MMS 7.1 SP1


-Open the following URL:http://localhost//MobileManagement/manifest.aspx?id=010100006B1F671044ACEADFCF4092D99EB4540D&cpu=ARMV4I&platform=WinCE&shell=PocketPC&major=5&minor=2&profile=Pocket_PC
-Check "Mobile Management Software Provisioning Configuration", "Source"
-Find (&file=) if the link coming after it is not http,
 then check the download source computer, if it is the NS go through solution "A", if it is a package server go through solution "B"

Solution "A":

1- Open C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools\NSConfigurator.exe
2- Under "Get Package Info Settings", select "GenerateNSUNCPackageCodebases"
3- Un-tikck "Enable" and save.
4- Open Windows scheduled tasks, find "NS.Package Refresh" run it.

Solution "B":

1- Be sure that your package server meets the criteria for http codebase
2- From SMP console, Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings
3- On the left Panel expand, Settings > Package Service, and choose Package Server Settings
4- Un-tick "Publish UNC codebase" under Published Codebase Types
5- Open Windows scheduled tasks, find "NS.Package Refresh" run it.

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