How to retrieve a backup of all Traffic Shaper path data remotely without UI interaction

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You would like to retrieve a backup of all STS path data remotely without needing to interact with the UI.  For example you would like to schedule a weekly script, etc. that requires no user interaction.


Currently none of the STS command line tools provides a method to retrieve either a full backup of the path data or any subset such as all whitelisted IPs, all blacklisted IPs, etc.


Please see the attached example "" script which demonstrates how to retrieve a gzipped backup of all current path data from an STS.  The attached example works on Linux but the example wget commands should also work on Windows.

Please note that the minimum permission needed to backup the STS path data is the "Data Admin" role.  It is recommended that a separate user with only the "Data Admin" role be created for use by this script.


Working example to remotely retrieve path data. (502 Bytes)

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