Altering a Symantec Traffic Shaper (STS) remotely Learned IP does not clear the Remotely Learned (RM) flag.

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Modifying a remotely learned path via the STS UI does not clear the RM flag.  For example a path that has been whitelisted on an STS in a synchronization cluster will be synchronized to the rest of the Traffic Shapers and will have the "RM" flag which indicates that the path was learned remotely and synchronized to the local STS.

If this IP is then modified by whitelisting, blacklisting, or setting the spam percentage it will not clear the "RM" flag but will cause the IP to be synchronized to the rest of the Traffic Shapers in the cluster.  This results in all Traffic Shapers having the "RM" flag set for the same IP which is confusing and should not happen.


Symantec Traffic Shapers set up in a synchronization cluster.


Symantec Engineering is researching this issue.  Please monitor this KB  for future updates.


Currently the only workaround for this issue is to first delete the IP record and then re-enter the IP with the desired settings (whitelisted, blacklisted, spam percentage set).

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