After a cloned or a restore using a 3rd party software or Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) / Symantec System Recovery (SSR) the Advance | Drives tab may show both duplication of drives and that the cloned/recovered drive having the status, 'At risk'.

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 When an hard drive is cloned/restore using 3rd Party Software and booted through OS, BESR 2010 / SSR 2011 Shows Duplication Drives in the Advanced Tab of the System Recovery Console. The Backup Status would show as "At Risk". If navigated to Tasks > Manage Backup Destination, All the recovery Point Status would be in 'Available' State




 All Windows Environment


1. When Cloned, If the Hard drive's Disk Signature is not copied this would be Outcome.

2. In the Above Fig, Since the Disk Signature is not copied Both Drive (Old and New) Information is present.

3. This will not happen when hard disk is cloned using BESR or SSR using 'Copy my Hard Drive' Option as it Copies even the Hard drive's Disk Signature.

4. The Recovery Points whose status is "Available" are of the Drives which is 'Unavailable' under the Advanced Tab.



1. Run the backup to get the Status changed to 'Backed up'.

2. The New Backup that would run is the only Recovery point that BESR / SSR starts Monitoring.

3. The Recovery Points that are showing as 'Available' of the Old Hard drive under 'Manage backup Destination' would not be monitored to be deleted automatically.

4. Removing the 'Unavailable' Drives from the 'Advanced' tab of the console would remove the Drive information from the History Logs and cannot be replaced back and since its been removed from the System Recovery Entry under 'Manage backup Destination' the Recovery Points would show as Unavailable as Source Drive is no longer available in the Backup History Logs.

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