RS 7.1.3919 - How to execute a server job without using the console?

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There can be siutations when Console is not available or it fails to establish the interface to the remote RS Server.
In such situations the attached command-line utility can be used. It should be executed on the RS Server box.


Alhtough it is posted for RS 7.1 release it may work just fine the other RS versions as well.


RSJobExec.exe syntax:

To start a job:

RsJobExec [/del] [/integrity] [/ret]

/del - start Server Deletion job.
/integrity - start Server Integrity job with CRC.
/ret - start Server Retention job.

To accelerate a scheduled job:

RsJobExec [/del] [/integrity] [/ret] /accelerate

/accelerate - accelerate specified job(s).
All three jobs can be accelerated but only one can be started at a time.

To cancel active server job:

RsJobExec /cancel


RSJobExec.exe (92 kBytes)

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