How to troubleshoot the network connection that Barcode Solution uses

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Barcode Solution is unable to authenticate or otherwise work to the Symantec Management Platform server.


Test the network connection to from the handheld device to the Symantec Management Platform server and IIS. If it is suspected that there may be issues with the network connection between the handheld device and the Symantec Management Platform server, use Internet Explorer on the handheld device to test communications.

  1. While the handheld device is connected to a workstation, on the handheld device, open Internet Explorer.
  2. Type in the Symantec Management Platform Console address and then attempt to go to it:


    For example:


    This should result in the Network Log On window prompting for Altiris user credentials (the same as used in Step 5, above).

    Note: Entering credentials is unnecessary to further test the connection, but can be if it is desired to test the Altiris domain user account.
  3. If this works, next test connecting directly to IIS. Change the Internet Explorer address to just the server name and then attempt to go to it:


    For example:


    This should result in the IIS graphical image being displayed:

  4. If connecting to the Symantec Management Platform or IIS fail to work from the handheld device's Internet Explorer, this is usually an indication of connection or network issues. Ensure that the device is Connected in Windows Mobile and that it can connect to the SMP before continuing trying to use Barcode. This may require contacted your network administrator or the hardware device's vendor for technical support.

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