When you setup a backup job to only run on a MBES server to a shared storage device you can't assign the duplicate job to run to a device only accessible by the CASO server.

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When you use the option "Backup Exec Server" or "Backup Exec server pool" in the job configuration for Storage Device destination and assign the source backup to a specific MBES (Managed Backup Exec Server) the option to assign the duplicate job Storage destination to run on a device that only the CAS (Central Admin Server) has access to is not available. 


Example:  A backup job is created to run on MBES only and targets a Shared Disk Storage device that is accessible by both the MBES and the CAS. The duplicate workflow template is created and under the Storage option there is no method to chose the CAS to run the duplicate job or specify a tape device or disk storage device that is only local to the CAS (not shared).



Backup Exec 2012

Enterprise Server Option

Central Admin Server Option





  1. In Storage for the backup definition for the job set in "Options for all backup jobs in this backup definition" the storage to use Any Backup Exec server. This will allow the backup job to use any MBES server, but still use the MBES that has the device specified in Storage.
  2. Setup the backup job and duplicate job to run on the CAS only, or run backup and duplicate on the MBES only.
  3. Manually duplicate the backup sets by going to storage and selecting the sets you want to duplicate, right click and choose the duplicate option.


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