Archived catalog images are not migrated correctly to NetBackup 7.5

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After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, the bpcatres command fails to restore the archived image files files. 

A proactive solution is available for those sites that have not yet upgraded to NetBackup 7.5. 

A reactive solution is available for those sites that have already upgraded to NetBackup 7.5.



The bpdbm debug log will show a failure for each catarc image:
13:21:17.304 [4456.2448] <16> image_import_helper::get_catarc_client: read_clients("catarc") failed 227
13:21:17.304 [4456.2448] <2> image_import_helper::get_catarc_client: Returning catarc client ""
13:21:17.304 [4456.2448] <16> image_import_helper::update_fks: Failed to get catarc image key xxxxxxxxxx - setting to 0

If the upgrade to 7.5 has already been performed, bpcatlist output for a policy that has archived images will show a zero (0) in place of the catarc ID that was present prior to the upgrade.
$ bpcatlist -policy mypolicy
Backupid             Backup Date            Files    Size  Sched  Policy   Catarcid S C Files file
myclient_1337122801  May 15 18:00:01 2012       5     64k  Diff   mypolicy        0 1 0 mypolicy_1337122801_INCR.f
myclient_1337120309  May 15 17:18:29 2012       5     64k  Full   mypolicy        0 1 0 mypolicy_1337120309_FULL.f

Note: Policies that have never had images archived will always have a zero (0) for the catarc ID, both before and after the upgrade.  Only check policies that have archived images.



This issue affects:

  • NetBackup master servers that performed catalog archive backups prior to upgrading to 7.5
  • NetBackup Appliances acting as master servers that performed catalog archive backups prior to upgrading to 2.5

This issue will not be experienced where catalog archiving is not in use.  If catalog archiving has been used at any time in the past, the following command will display information about those backups.  If none are displayed, then catalog archiving has not been used.

     bpcatlist -policy catarc -since 1970



The NetBackup 7.5 upgrade procedure does not preserve the relationship between the backup image that was archived and the backup image that contains the archive.



Please select the solution option most appropriate to the situation.

1. Sites that have not yet upgraded to NetBackup 7.5 should wait until the release of NetBackup, then make the following adjustments to the upgrade procedure:

  • During the 7.5GA installation, do not start NetBackup services.  This will prevent the image migration from initiating.
  • Immediately after completing the 7.5GA installation, install the maintenance release.
  • After is applied, NetBackup services can be started normally.  A correct image migration will proceed as a part of the initial startup.

2. Sites that must upgrade to NetBackup prior to the release of should contact NetBackup technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 2788379 to obtain an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) and additional instructions on how to perform the upgrade.

3. Sites that have already upgraded to NetBackup 7.5 should contact NetBackup technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 2788583 to obtain further instructions.
Note: In the unlikely event that catalog archiving was enabled on a NetBackup Appliance prior to upgrading to 2.5, please follow this option as well.

ETA of Fix:

The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2781929) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Update 3 (

Information on the availability of NetBackup can be found by accessing the link provided to the Related Article below.

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