VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 2.0 - Patch02

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VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 2.0 - Patch02


After downloading:
1. Uncompress the package:
# uncompress vcs.20-patch02_245841.tar.Z
2. Untar the package
# tar xvf vcs.20-patch02_245841.tar

VCS 2.0 - Patch02 includes these patches:
111912-02 patch for VRTSgab, VRTSllt, VRTSvcs for Solaris 2.6
111913-02 patch for VRTSgab, VRTSllt, VRTSvcs for Solaris 7
111914-02 patch for VRTSgab, VRTSllt, VRTSvcs for Solaris 8

NOTE: Please review the README_FIRST.txt or readme_first.pdf, included in the download package, before installing the patch. It states the instruction on how to install this patch in QuickStart. Also to be noted is that, not all VCS patches are applicable to QuickStart, but VCS 2.0 Patch02 is for VCS and QuickStart.

Incidents Fixed in VCS 2.0 Patch 2

24796 Systems hang on shutdown.
58902 "hastop -local -evacuate" doesn't work for failover child failover
parent with online local remote soft dependency.
75589 DiskGroup agent now detects state of vxconfigd. Additionally, default
values of parameters AgentStartTimeout and OnlineRetryLimit increased
to accommodate systems with large number of LUNs.
76106 Initial checkin of halic utility for w2k.
76625 HA commands hit assertion when LANG variable is empty.
76912 The hacf utility can now dump configuration files on non-English
77495 Problem noticed in Application Agent on Solaris and HP.
77639 Notifier no longer exits with error message when node on which
it is running is powered off.
78250 Delay in GAB broadcast messages no longer cause cluster to hang.
78691 Application agent no longer crashes if monitor program not specified.
79096 Error message no longer appears after gabconfig -a command in
non-English environments.
79317 NotifierMngr does not send SMTP messages.
79717 The hacli utility now exits with return value 11 when engine
cannot process a command because another command is pending.
80052 NFS agent monitor procedure no longer times out in CVM environment.
80184 License error messages now written to the console and /var/adm/messages.
80317 GABDISK no longer a problem if two disk regions are configured on same
80359 All GAB macros are now included in 2.0 combination package.
80504 License keys of nodes being added to the cluster must match cluster's
key type.
81270 Incorrect pointer reference resolved; no longer causes system panic.
82908 Commands hang if cluster is not seeded.
83593 If AllowNativCliUsers is set to 1, the web gui can allows login
with VCS assigned privileges ignoring the password.
83145 Application agent should not log EAGAIN of ioctl( ).
83013 During installation, adding the license keys with the hyphen (-) in.
85025 hastop -local -evacuate may not failover all groups.
85278 Process agent doesn't offline the resource if the arg list contains
the path name.
85381 NIC Agent faults as netstat -in returns very large number.
140-072-315: Multithreading issues with the Application agent.
85615 HAD crashes while trying to go offline.
85803 HAD crashes while changing the scope of the Enabled attribute for
a resource to local.
85966 If PreOnline is set, groups may not failover during hastop
-local -evacuate.
86185 Log messages shown in GUI looses the original formatting.
86212 vx_worklist_thread hangs during odm stress test.
87303 HAD crashes when using hareg -typeresources and making an attribute
87405 Revise description of -addguest option in vcsqs manual page.


vcs.20-patch02_245481.tar.Z (52.9 MBytes)

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