iOS devices are unable to download content from the Mobile Library

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When trying to download content from the Mobile Library, iOS device continually fail to see any content.  This could include documents, Apps, or media that has been published locally to the Mobile Library.


A pop-up on the iOS device explains, "Could not open this item" with the item name.


Symantec Mobile Management 7.1


By default, the folder where Mobile Library content is stored (IIS path /Altiris/MobileManagement/Web/SSI/EML/) is configured for a few custom MIME types, including PLIST and IPA files (used by the Mobile Library for Application delivery).  Some customers want to host files of these types in other locations, e.g. to host a custom build of the Management Agent, and configure the Default Website or another area of IIS to handle IPA files, which causes a duplicate MIME type error in IIS.


There are a few ways to solve this.  The easiest way is to remove the custom-added MIME type from the Default Website (or wherever it was added), and only add the MIME type to the folder where the custom content is stored.

Alternatively, if this is not desired, the problematic MIME type(s) can be removed from the parent path of the EML file, e.g. /Altiris/MobileManagement/SSI/ so the duplicate no longer applies to the EML folder.

It is not advisable to remove the default MIME types from the EML folder, as repairing or upgrading Mobile Management will cause them to be put in place again, causing the error to return.

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