How do I get rid of the 'dummy.0' file that is in my PXE preboot image?

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How do I get rid of the 'dummy.0' file that is in my PXE preboot image?


PXE fails to boot as pxefixup.bat has not executed.


DS 7.1 All builds


PXEFixup.bat has not executed or was passed invalid parameters by the bootdisk creator. 


To get rid of the 'dummy.0' file and to get PXE to run properly execute 'pxefixup.bat' manually at a command prompt as follows:


1) Open a command prompt with administrator rights and navigate to the affected preboot image.  E.g.  'c:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\deployment\task handler\sbs\images\x64 debug deployment\x64'

2) Execute 'pxefixup.bat' with the following options:  pxefixup.bat "PXENAME=<name of server>" "PXEIP=<IP ADDRESS OF PXE SERVER" "OPTPATH=<PXE menu Option path (eg MenuOption131\x86pc)>" "OPTNAME=optName = PXE menu Option name (eg MenuOption131)"


For example:   pxefixup.bat "PXENAME=BUILD2316" "PXEIP=" "optPath=X64 DEBUG DEPLOYMENT\X64" "optName=x64 DEBUG DEPLOYMENT"

Note:  There are additional options that can be supplied at the command prompt.  They are listed below (bolded options are required by default) :

REM ==============================================================
REM All Parameters are in the form "tag=value".
REM The following items are supported:
REM pxePath = Path to root of PXE server (eg c:\PXE\Images)
REM optID   = PXE menu Option original ID (eg 131)
REM optRID  = PXE menu Option redirected ID (eg 131)
REM optPath = PXE menu Option path (eg MenuOption131\x86pc)
REM optName = PXE menu Option name (eg MenuOption131)
REM pxeName = PXE server name
REM pxeIP   = PXE server IP address list (multiple items separated by ",")
REM dsName  = DS server name (if known)
REM dsIP    = DS server IP
REM Additional options:
REM debug   = {true | t | 1} to enable debug mode
REM echo    = {true | t | 1} to turn on echo
REM In order to pass values in this format, the "tag=value" pair must be
REM passed in "" symbols (ie. "tag=value") to prevent the "=" from being removed.
REM --------------------------------------------------------------




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