In VEA GUI, commands to deport and destroy a dynamic disk group are unavailable even if Volume Manager disk group resource is removed from Windows Fail-Over Clustering (WFOC).

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In a clustered environment, this issue occurs while trying to deport or destroy a dynamic disk group using the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) GUI.

Normal behaviour is for a dynamic disk group configured as WFOC resource that options for 'deport/destroy DG' are disabled.

  • So user can't do it through vxdg command and VEA GUI.

If a dynamic disk group is removed from WFOC, then 'deport/destroy DG' should be enabled again.

  • In VEA GUI, this is NOT enabled even though user can deport/destroy DG through vxdg command.

The issue is in the VEA GUI, the Deport Dynamic Disk Group and Destroy Dynamic Disk Group these commands are unavailable even if the requirement is meant that the Volume Manager disk group resource is removed from Microsoft(TM) failover clustering, both from "Services and Applications" and "Storage".


    • Windows 2008 x64
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
    • Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0


This issue may happen because the one property (determines whether the Dynamic Disk Group is WFOC resource or not) does not get updated correctly.


This issue is identified and a hotfix exists. Please contact Symantec technical support for more information.

  • Patch ID: Hotfix_6_0_00013_362_2791301
  • Incident ID:2791301 (Tracking ID: 2793993)

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VEA6.0 shows that 'deport/destroy' menu is disabled even if dg resouorce was removed from WFC (both from service group & storage)

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