Eyeglass drilldown in SD Change Reports Opens Wrong ServicDesk Portal Page

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The eyeglasses in the first column of the ServiceDesk Change reports drill down to the default incident view page in ServiceDesk. It should drill down to the SD Change View page.


No error message is displayed. The error is that the link currently points to the wrong page.


This issue is isolated to the following environment:

  • IT Analytics Service Pack 2 (build number 7.1.2060)
  • IT Analytics is configured to process data from a ServiceDesk Process Manager database.


The URL calculated in the ServiceDesk Change Cube is using the wrong GUID for the pageid parameter when performing a drilldown. The incorrect GUID is inserted by the spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews.sql script provided with IT Analytics 7.1 SP2



Follow the steps below to replace the spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews Update.sql script with an updated script that inserts the correct pageid GUID into the URL.
1.    Copy the attached file (spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews Update.sql) to the SQL server where the Symantec_CMDB resides. 
2.    Open SQL Server Management Studio.
3.    Select the Symantec_CMDB database.
4.    Click File > Open > File.
5.    Locate and open the file from step one.
6.    Click Execute.
7.    Process the ServiceDesk Change Cube.

Open a ServiceDesk Change report and verify when clicking the eyeglasses opens the SD Change View in the ServiceDesk portal.


Query to resolve the SD Change Cube issue discribed above
spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews Update.sql (71 kBytes)

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH191192

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