Online archive mailbox does not show up in manual scan mailbox list and is not scanned during a scheduled scan

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Online archives are enabled for Exchange mailboxes.  You see one of the following symptoms:

  • Manual Scan does not show online archive mailboxes

1. Open the SMSMSE administration console.
2. Click the Scans tab.
3. Click the Views|Manual Scan item.  Then click Edit manual scan... item.  This brings up the Manual Scan configuration options.
4. Click the Next button to display the list of mailboxes.

This condition is met if the list of online archive mailboxes does not appear in the list.

NOTE:  This is only noticable if the Exchange database for the user's local mailbox is different than the Exchange database for the online archive mailbox.


  • Items in an online archive mailbox that should be quarantined are not quarantined during a Manual or Scheduled scan.
  • Items in an online archive are scanned during a background scan.

This is most easily seen when the Windows Application Event log contains an event similar to the following:

Type: Warning
Date:  2/6/2008
Time: 7:54:11 PM
Event: 218
Source: Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
Category: Content Enforcement Rules

The message "test" located in Online Archive - JohnDoe/Top of Information Store has violated the following policy settings:               
Scan: Auto-Protect/Background




SMSMSE is not selecting Online Archive mailboxes when generating the list of all mailboxes for Manual and Scheduled scanning.


Symantec is aware of this issue.  This article is updated as more information is available.  Subscribe to this article to receive updates.


Use Background scanning to scan Online Archive Mailboxes. See this article for more details: Information Store Scanning Options within Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE).

Technical Information

Use the following steps to determine if a mailbox has an online archive associated with it:

1. Open the Exchange Management Console.
2. Click on the tree item Microsoft Exchange On-Premises|Recipient Configuration|Mailbox.
3. Right click the mailbox and select Properties to display the Mailbox Properties window.
4. Click the Mailbox Features tab.  If Archive is Enabled then the mailbox has an online archive that is affected by this issue.



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