When creating a data collection, evaluation or CER job, assets are not available for standards nor are standards available for assets.

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When creating a data collection, evaluation or collection-evaluation-reporting (CER) job, assets of the appropriate platform do not appear as selectable for a given standard.  Additionally, attempts to create the job from the assets does not show the appropriate standards available for the asset.


The above mentioned error was intermittent and not necessarily remedied but the solution provided below.  Additional behaviors that may be attributed to this configuration include duplicate items listed in a report generated for a single standard against a single asset, and incorrect information reported in the web console.


In one such case, detailed investigation revealed that two instances of ADAM existed in the environment.  One on the all-in-one installation of Reporting and Analytics (R&A) and the other on a failed distributed installation of the Directory Support Service (DSS).  One ADAM instance on the DSS was referred to in the service accounts SPNs while the local ADAM did not have a reference in the service accounts SPNs.

The problem was intermittent and although may have been the root cause for the behavior it was not verified as the root cause.  Once the errant ADAM instance on the failed DSS installation was removed the behavior was not repeated.


Remove the Symantec CCS instance of ADAM on all machines other than the Application Server/DSS server machine.  The ADAM instance should only appear on the DSS machine.  Once removed the installed programs can be checked for existence of the Symantec CCS program as well as the Services for Symantec CCS service to verify it has been removed by the uninstallation.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH191660

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