BUG REPORT: Microsoft Outlook Hangs When Attempting to Send Email with PGP Messaging Enabled

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When using Microsoft Outlook with the POP3 protocol and the PGP Messaging enabled, emails stop being sent. Restarting PGP Desktop and Outlook is the only way to restore email messaging to resume.

Adding many POP3 accounts with different user accounts might reach the default limit of 100 simultaneous open connections. New connections cannot be opened.
This might cause PGP Desktop and Outlook to become very slow or hang/freeze. The user is then unable to send or receive mails.


You may see the following errors in the debug log:

XX:XX:XX Email  Error Reached thread limit; there may be too many open connections
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: read from server event
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: write to server event
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: read from server event
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: read from server event
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: write to client event
XX:XX:XX Email    MAIL proxy: read from client event
XX:XX:XX Email  Error Socket select error: not a socket (-11092)
XX:XX:XX Email  Error Receive error: not a socket (-11092)
XX:XX:XX Email  Error Socket close error: not a socket (-11092)
XX:XX:XX Email  Error Error closing client socket: 0x2370


PGP Desktop versions below 10.2.1 MP5 (build 5033) with many concurrent POP3 connections.
The issue occurs only if some of the messaging accounts are disabled and configured to pass through data unmodified.

The issue does not occur with SMTP, which openes connections only when sending, or IMAP as connections are usually kept open.
POP3 clients do create and tear-down a lot of connections to the mail server which might lead to too many open connections.


In PGP Desktop below 10.2.1 MP5 connections in passthrough mode (disabled messaging accounts) were not properly closed.


This issue is fixed in the following release:
  - PGP Desktop 10.2.1 MP5
This version/Maintenance Pack is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect. fileconnect.symantec.com
Disabled messaging accounts will now close open connections in "passthrough mode" properly.

The release notes write:
"Resolved issue where PGP Desktop for Windows would sometimes incorrectly block email traffic when the IMAP, SMTP or POP mail proxy had been disabled or had been configured to pass data through unmodified."

This issue can be temporarily resolved by stopping PGP Desktop services, closing Outlook, re-starting PGP Desktop services, and then re-opening Outlook.

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