PureDisk Maintenance Policy location changed in PureDisk 6.6.3a

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In the Puredisk 6.6.1 Web UI the Maintenance Policy was listed by itself at the same level as the DB Maintenance and Rerouting policies.  In the Maintenance policy it was possible to set how long backup jobs were kept on the server (and other logs).  This policy is completely missing on 6.6.3a


Error: 110: stream put:unable to put backup stream: spool directory out of space


PureDisk EEB20 upgraded to PureDisk 6.6.3a


Location of Maintenance Policy was moved.   This is where a user can adjust the number of days that PureDisk agent backup jobs were kept in the database.


In the PureDisk 6.6.3a Web User Interface, go to: 

Settings, Configuration, Configuration file templates, Storage pool authority, Default value set for PureDisk, drill down to Maintenance, Temp Job Age, All OSs, change as needed, then save then push it out.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH191979

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