A dynamic disk group name is used by another disk group

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A server has been presented at least two disk groups with the same name.


V-76-58627-15: The cluster dynamic disk group name is used by another disk group.


At least two disk groups are presented to the server with the same disk group name.


Please ensure all the same named disk groups are deported and then follow this proceedure using Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA):

1. Right click on the disk group with the same name that will be renamed and select Import disk group.

2. Rename the disk group to a new name in the field where the disk group name is displayed.

3. Select Cluster or Dynamic Disk Group and then import the disk group.

This will resolve the duplicate disk group name and allow the server to import all disk groups.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH192121

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