Unable to connect to the EP manager because of database issue, error log:session failed 200114 (75)

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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1: How do I use Disaster Recovery with the SEPM (Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager) without restoring the database when not abel to login to the SEPM.


error log:session failed 200114 (75)


This article applies only to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, and applies to the Enterprise Edition.


The Database seems to be  Corrupted


Note:- As Not able to login we can not take a backup of the Policies so Need to do Disaster Recovery without database

A: Taking Backup Of Server Certificate.
1: Go to the below mentioned path
Drive:\\Program Files\Symantec\ Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Server Private Key Backup\
2: Copy the Server Private key backup folder and save it on different location
B: How to Proceed with Disaster Recovery.
1: Perform Steps Mentioned in A and B.
2: Uninstall the Manager(while uninstalling select remove database during uninstall)
3: Restart the computer
4: Run the SETUP for installing SEPM5: One the 1st Phase of installing SEPM is complete and when it prompt for running management Server configuration wizard cancel the setup.
6: Once the setup is cancelled go to the below mentioned Location
Drive:\\Program Files\Symantec\ Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Tomcat\etc
7: Open the file conf.properties in a word pad.
8: Search for the line "scm.agent.groupcreation=false" replace the word false with true.
9: Save the file
10: Go to start > Program file > Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager> Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Tools.
11: Click on Management Server configuration Wizard.
12: Select Use a Recovery file option to use the recovery file from the Server Private Key Backup folder (mentioned in Section B)
12: Launch the Symantec endpoint Protection Manager
13: Once all client Report To SEPM edit conf.properties file and change "scm.agent.groupcreation=false".


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