How to disable the Windows AutoReboot option upon a system crash / stop error / blue screen after performing a Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) restore.

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 After performing a Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) restore the restored system goes into a continuous boot loop due to a system crash / stop error / blue screen that cannot be further troubleshot because of the Windows AutoReboot upon crash has been enabled.


Windows based systems.


Windows autoreboot upon crash option is enabled within the restored system.


Disabled the Windows autoreboot option, by following the steps listed below, and allow the restored system to reboot once again to begin troubleshooting the system crash / stop error / blue screen message:

  1.     Boot the recovered system with the SDR disk again.
  2.     From the main menu choose Utilities
  3.     Click the menu option, ‘Start Command Prompt,’
  4.     At the command prompt type: regedit and press the enter key.
  5.     Single left click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to select it.
  6.     From the FILE pull down menu choose, ‘Load Hive.’
  7.     Navigate to the restored system’s \Windows\System32\config sub-folder.
  8.     Select the SYSTEM file; it will be the one w/o a file extension then click the OK button.
  9.     Enter as a key name noreboot.
  10.     Expand out HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and locate noreboot.
  11.     Expand out noreboot.
  12.     Navigate to Current Control Set\Control\CrashControl
  13.     Set the AutoReboot value from 1 to 0
  14.     Navigate back to noreboot
  15.     From the FILE pull down menu choose, ‘Unload Hive.’
  16.     Click Yes to save changes to the restored system's SYSTEM hive.
  17.     Close regedit.
  18.     Type Exit at the command prompt.
  19.     Click the Exit link at the bottom right corner of the SDR main window.
  20.     Reboot restored system; choose to boot by recovered system's OS and not the SDR disk.

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