'DataCollect' script for NetBackup 52x0 appliances are failing to get the Config information.

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'DataCollect' script for NetBackup 52x0 appliances are collecting all other information, but failing to get the information for 'Config' section.


Skipping showsys.sh check for Intel platform.



NetBackup 52x0 appliances running version 2.0.3 and 2.5




When the 'DataCollect' log is un-zip'ed, we will see the following:


<location where DataCollect log is un-zip'ed>

$ ls
Config   Event    Message  Other
$ cd Config
$ ls
$ more Config_2012.07.16_16:28:20.txt
Skipping showsys.sh check for Intel platform.

As seen above, 'DataCollect' script failed to collect information for the 'Config' section, but it collected logs for all other sections like 'Event', 'Message' and 'Other'

ET2860496 is opened for this problem and Symantec is working towards the resolution.


Same information can be found from other logs under 'Event' section.

In addition to the above, run the following command from CLISH to get an overview of the whole configuration:

nbu5220.Support> Test Hardware

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH194221

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