Prevent Schema Issues for PGP Universal Server Migrating from Version 2.x to Version 3.2.x

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When migrating from PGP Universal Server 2.x to any 3.x version (prior to 3.2.1), you may run into serious database schema issues. These issues could appear even if you've had previous schema repairs done in the past.

Problems include, but aren't limited to, loss of Web Messenger functionality, data loss/corruption, etc...



Before upgrading to a 3.2.1 version, contact Symantec Technical Support and open a new ticket requesting a schema repair be performed before attempting to upgrade.  Ideally, update to PGP Universal Server 3.2.0 MP5 (Build 2595) and run the repair script that created by Symantec Technical Support. Then updating to version 3.2.1 using a PUP update should work without any serious issues.

However, in some cases, another schema repair may be needed after this PUP update as well.


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