Internal: Customer runs a basic Symantec CCS 11 for UNIX query and receives the error: Error received from Agent: Failed to start data collection module on agent

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Customer runs a basic Symantec CCS 11 for UNIX ad hoc query and receives error messages and no results


- Error received from Agent: Failed to start data collection module on agent.
- When starting agent the following is observed - "Cannot find"
- DCModule.log entries:
3B57|2012/08/03|09:36:07|../../../DCModuleSrc/DCModu| 123|Information: - DCModule terminated.
4934|2012/08/03|11:10:43|../../../DCModuleSrc/DCModu| 47|Information: - Stating DCModule...
4934|2012/08/03|11:10:43|../../../DCModuleSrc/DCModu| 119|Error: - Incorrect DCModule Usage: Number of arguments passed to DCModule is incorrect.


Symantec CCS 11
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x servers
Microsoft Windows 2008


The dynamic linked libraries required for UnixDCModule are not
linked properly, which can be seen by listing the linked dynamic
libraries using the command:

    ldd /esm/bin/dcmodules/UnixDCModule

In most cases, the missing libraries do not cause an error. 
However, when errors do occur, changes to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variable will need to be modified in order to
function normally.


The work-around is to modify the DCModule file to alter
the path order within the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable.  Changes made are by modifying the file
/esm/bin/dcmodules/DCModule and change from
this value:


to this value:


Development has also provided a diff patch that is attached to
this KB article.  To apply the diff patch, perform the following

1.)  Stop the esmagent: /etc/init.d/esmrc stop

2.)  Copy the diff patch into /esm/bin/dcmodules.

3.)  Make a backup copy of /esm/bin/dcmodules/DCModule.

4.)  Run the command:
 # /esm/bin/dcmodules diff DCModule diff_patch

5.)  Compare the backup DCModule with the altered DCModule to
verify the changes (e.g., use diff DCModule.backup DCModule).

6.)  Start the esmagent: /etc/init.d/esmrc start

Note as the diff_patch was copied to Microsoft Windows,
it may be required to run dos2unx against the diff_patch
file in order to set the carriage-return/line-feeds
correctly on the file itself.

A permanent fix will be made available in the near
future (estimated in early 2013).


DCModules Diff file modification
diff_patch (940 Bytes)

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