Loss of Device Wi-Fi Communication After Upgrade of SMM to 7.2 SP1

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After upgrading Symantec Mobile Management to SMM 7.2 SP1, iOS devices lose wi-fi communication. The wi-fi configuration profile used on the iOS device has been removed.


Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 SP1 and earlier versions
Wi-Fi settings delivered through Mobile Management device policy
Apple iOS devices


In some customer environments, iOS devices are provisioned using a temporary wi-fi network. Included in provisioning, a production wi-fi profile is installed onto the iOS device. At the end of provisioning, the temporary wi-fi network is removed ("forgotten") or unavailable and the production network profile is now soley used. (see Figure 1.)

During the upgrade of Symantec Mobile Management to 7.2 SP1, the mechanism for identifying configuration profiles changes. In the upgrade, all configuration profile names are changed. (see Figure 2.)

This creates a condition where SMM policy profile inventory differs from actual device profile inventory. (see Figure 3.)

At the next policy update, all "unknown" profiles are removed. The sole wi-fi profile and connection settings are also removed - leaving the device unable to communicate with the MMS Site-Server. (see Figure 4.)


After the upgrade to 7.2 SP1 is complete, if devices have lost their Wi-Fi policy and are no longer able to communicate with their management server, they will need to manually be configured for network access (via a different Wi-Fi policy, or through a cellular data connection.)

Once communication has been reestablished, the devices should be able to retrieve their configuration profiles again and have a managed Wi-Fi policy from the management server. The underlying issue has been fixed with the 7.2 SP1 code and will no longer occur with future updates.

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