How to obtain the service tag of a server which does not have Clearwell installed.

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Prior to installation of the Clearwell software, the service tag of the server will need to be known (particularly prevalent on machines where customers install their own hardware).


There are a number of methods to obtain the service tag:

Method One:
Run the following command from a command line on the server.  Execution of this command will require administrative privileges on the server.

wmic csproduct get identifyingnumber

Method Two: Physical Device
Browse to:

This will explain and walk through a video of how to locate the service tag

Note: The service tag label will usually be found on the back panel of the case.

Method Three: Service Tag detection via Dell site

1. Browse to:
2. Read the Terms - this may involve downloading a a system detection program
3. Click Yes, I agree - Follow the prompts
The Service Tag will be returned.

Method Four: Clearwell is installed

1. Open a command shell
2. Navigate to  D:\CW\<version>\bin
3. Type the command cwst

The service tag is returned.

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