Virtual Machine Management ( VMM ) Fails to populate inventories

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When performing the inventory task in Virtual Machine Management, the inventories fail to populate.


Timeout error may be displayed, otherwise no other discernable errors are located in the SMP logs


v7.1 SP2


Known issue. A fix is provided below.


After other troubleshooting has occurred, we recommend the replacement of two .dll files that shipped with the product. Combined they resolve issues with inventory tasks timing out and inventory failing on ESX hosts under a cluster in vCenter.

In short, the solution is to "GAC" the attached files on the task server/NS server depending upon where the VMM task handler is installed in the environment.

If available, GACUtil.exe can be utilized to accomplish this using a command similar to gacutil.exe /i <assembly location path>

if not available, one can manually install files to the GAC using the procedure described below. (note: two windows are opened and the appropriate files are then dragged into the assembly directory.)


  1. Copy the .zip file to a local folder
  2. Extract the files contained in the .zip file, noting the location of the folder
  3. Navigate into the folder of the just extracted files, there should be two folders within, "Altiris.VMM.VMan" and "Altiris.VMM.VMWare".
  4. Keeping the above window open, open a second window and navigate to "C:\Windows\Assembly" or similar location if the main drive uses another drive letter. This will be refereed to as the "Assembles Window: in the following steps.
  5. Going back to the first window and navigate into the "Altiris.VMM.VMan" directory.
  6. Copy both the "Altiris.VMM.VMan.dll" and the "policy.7.1.Altiris.VMM.VMan.dll" files to the Assemblies Window
  7. navigate up the tree of the extracted files to the "Altiris.VMM.VMware" folder and enter that folder.
  8. Copy both the "Altiris.VMM.VMware.dll" and the "policy.7.1.Altiriis.VMM.VMware.dll" files to the Assemblies Window
  9. close both windows opened in these steps
  10. Restart the Altiris Services (specifically the "Altiris Object Host Service") to complete this install.

If the problem continues, please verify that the files were indeed installed into the GAC and restart the altiris services. If problem still continues, to avoid caching issues, a system restart is recommended.

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.Zip file containing the needed .dll files.
VMM Pointfix (59 kBytes)

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