Warning during Control Compliance Suite 11.0 installation: Warnings: Creating Evidence Partition.

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During the installation of Control Compliance Suite 11.0, a warning is displayed about the failure to create the Evidence file group on the CSM_Reports database.




This shows in the installer logs

  {date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Error,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,CreatePartition,,0,5,Exception occured while creating a schedule
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Verbose,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,Run,,0,5,IGNORED:Exception occured while running CreateEvidence Partition Activity
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Error,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,CreatePartition,,0,5,"System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)
   at CSI.CSM.Activities.CreateEvidencePartitionActivity.CreatePartition()
   at CSI.CSM.Activities.CreateEvidencePartitionActivity.Run(IActivityExecutionContext context)"
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Verbose,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,Run,,0,4,Leaving ActivityExecutionEngine.RunNext
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Verbose,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,Run,,0,4,Adding Failures to failure registryCSM.CreateEvidencePartitionActivity
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Verbose,,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,Run,,0,4,Adding warning failureCSM.CreateEvidencePartitionActivity
{date and time},{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Error,ExecutionEngine,CSIExec,7412,Sequence Thread: CSI.Anchor.CSIAggregateExecuteSequence,6,Run,,0,4,Activity execution failed: CSM.CreateEvidencePartitionActivity



Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0



If the creation of the evidence partition fails during installation, then there is no need to uninstall or reinstall Symantec CCS 11.0.

In case the evidence partition creation fails the following happens:

·         CCS automatically creates the evidence partition during the running of Collection-Evaluation-Reporting/Evaluation jobs.

·         Prior to evidence storage the job checks for the existence of the evidence partition and creates it if it does not exist.


Additional information on CSM_Reports: Evidence File Groups

Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 uses an Evidence file group in the CSM_Reports database to store the evidence data. This is a new feature that is introduced in CCS 11.0.

As shown in Figure 2

•    A separate file group is created to store evidence data.
•    A new file group for evidence data is created every 90 days
•    The minimum permissions needed by the Application Server Service Account to facilitate file group creation is DBO on the CSM_Reports database.
•    As purge cycles start, the evidence file groups eligible for purge are deleted freeing disk space.


Fig.2 (click to enlarge)



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