Windows Patch Assessment Check Library Content Update - August 2012 - CCS 9.0.1,10.0 and 10.5.1

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The Windows Patch Assessment Check Library Technical Standards Pack in Control Compliance Suite Reporting and Analytics 9.0, 10.0, and 10.5.1 Content has been updated with the latest security updates as of August 2012. The supported XML version number is

To install this Hotfix on Control Compliance Suite Reporting and Analytics 9.0, you must have an existing installation of Windows Patch Assessment Check Library. This Hotfix is only an upgrade and cannot be installed as a fresh installation on Control Compliance Suite Reporting and Analytics 9.0.

  • You must have the following services running before you install the Hotfix:
    • Symantec Application Server Service
    • Symantec Directory Support Service
    • Symantec Management Services Service
    • SymantecCCS





CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update.exe (10.2 MBytes)
MD5 file of CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update
CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update.MD5 (112 Bytes)

Release Notes CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update
CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_Release_Notes_August_2012.htm (6 kBytes)
Read Me CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update
Read Me_CCS_WindowsPatchAssessmentCheckLibrary_10.50.326.10021_August_2012_Update.htm (7 kBytes)

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