Web Messenger - Redirected to Login Screen Instead of "Create Your Passphrase" Page

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When clicking on Web Messenger passphrase recovery link it redirects to the Web Messenger Login screen instead of "Create Your Passphrase" page to reset your passphrase. 



PGP Universal Server 3.2.x through 3.2.1 MP3 (build 4941).



This issue occurs because a current Web Messenger session is currently open while attempting to reset the Web Messenger passphrase.



This issue is now resolved in PGP Universal Server 3.2.1 MP5 and above.

This version/Maintenance Pack is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect. fileconnect.symantec.com



If upgrading to this version is not immediately possible, the following is the workaround:

In order to reset the passphrase, the user must first close the existing Web browser, and then click on the link, or open a different browser and copy/paste the link into the new browser. Once the link is visited in a browser that does not have any current Web Messenger sessions, the passphrase recovery link will work.

It may be worthwhile to modify the “Recovery Passphrase” Web Messenger template on PGP Universal Server to proactively inform Web Messenger users of this functionality:
The Recover Passphrase template can be found on PGP Universal Server under Mail, Message Templates, and the following is an example that could be used for the template:
From: $FROM
To: $TO
Subject: PGP Universal Passphrase Reset
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
To reset your Web Messenger passphrase, please close your existing Web browser and click on the link below. Alternatively, open a different Web Browser that does not currently have a Web Messenger session open and paste the link below into the address field: 
Please Note, this is a one-time-use link. If the page is refreshed or closed before the passphrase is reset, a new request must be made to reset the Web Messenger passphrase.



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