Local Zone discovery is inconsistent and/or missing in Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)

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This issue can have many different symptoms in the reporting of local zones configured on a Managed Host (MH).


Typically there would no error message, just an inconsistency in the reporting of a local zone (possibly missing).


Any Solaris Operating System supporting local zones.

This issue was discovered in VOM 4.1 but may be seen in any VOM version where local zone discovery is supported.


The configuration of the zone at the OS layer is missing it's UUID.

# zoneadm list -cp

(note:                         missing UUID ^^)


Once it is determined that the UUID is missing from the zone configuration file, it is suggested to engage Oracle for the most effective and supported method to fix the issue.  There are 2 issues to be resolved; 1 - why is the UUID missing and 2 - how to fix it.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH195591

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