Using non US-based Amazon bit buckets for cloud storage

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The "Configure Cloud Storage Server" wizard only supports the use or creation of US-based Amazon bit buckets.


The simple workaround is to manually define the amazon storage server and subsequent disk pool using the following method from the administration console.

NOTE : you should create the bit bucket in the appropriate region via the "amazon web services" console before attempting the following procedure

  1. Select "Configure Disk Storage Servers" and click "Next" at the wizard startup screen
  2. At the "Select type of storage server" pull down choose "OpenStorage" and click "Next"
  3. For "Storage server details"
    1. Set "Storage Server Name" to
    2. Do NOT select "Use Symantec's OpenStorage plug-in for network-controlled storage server"
    3. Set "Storage Server Type" to amazon_raw
    4. Select your media server from the "Select media server" pull down
  4. For "Enter Credentials"
    1. Set "User Name" to the Access Key ID for your Amazon S3 account
    2. Set "Password" / "Confirm Password" to the Secret Access Key for your Amazon S3 Account
  5. Click the "Next" button where you will be presented with a summary - confirm all values are correct and click "Next"
  6.  The "" storage server will now be created and credentials added (Note : this may take several minutes)
  7.  Once the storage server has been created and credentials added click "Next" and then "Finish"
  8. Next start the "Configure Disk Pool" wizard and click "Next" at the initial screen
  9. You will be asked to select the type of disk pool to create - select Cloud Storage (amazon_raw) and click "Next"
  10. For "Select Storage Server" choose | amazon_raw and click "Next"
  11. You will now be presented with a list of your pre-defined Amazon bit-buckets - select the bucket you wish to use and click "Next"
    1. Note: you should choose only one bit-bucket, corresponding to the bit bucket region you wish to utilize
  12. For "Disk Pool Properties" you will need to
    1. Set "Disk Pool Name" to an appropriate name
    2. Optionally add "comments"
    3. Optionally change the High and Low watermarks
    4. Optionally Limit I/O streams
    5. Finally click "Next"
  13. You will be presented with a summary of the options that will be used to create the disk pool - verify these are correct and then click "Next"
  14.  The Disk Pool will now be created - when this completes click "Next"
  15. At the next screen ensure that "Create a storage unit that uses the disk pool" is checked and then click "Next"
  16. Set the "Storage unit name" to an appropriate value and click "Next"
  17. The storage unit will now be created - when finished click "Finish"

At this point the Amazon cloud storage server setup is complete and you can begin using the storage unit for backups.

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