SEPM does not publish definitions, PackagePublisherTask hangs

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After running for a number of days, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) stops publishing definitions. Additional symptoms are:

  • The PackagePublisherTask log file (./tomcat/logs/) stops updating.
  • No further updates in the agent/outbox folders.
  • New SEPM definition folders (./content/{535../*/) contain only a file, no unpacked files or definition delta files.
  • Restarting the SEPM service restores full functionality for a number of days.


  • The SEPM database is stored on a Microsoft SQL server. For a similar problem with the Embedded database please see articles TECH178886, TECH173941.



The SEPM PackagePublisherTask has hung due to a database connection problem.



The following configuration steps should correct the issue in SEPM version 12.1 RU1MP1 and older. If the problem is seen with the 12.1 RU2 version or later please contact Symantec Technical Support.


  1. Stop the SEPM service ("net stop semsrv").
  2. Locate the <SEPM install dir>\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost folder.
  3. Create a backup of the ROOT.xml file, then open the original file in a text editor.
  4. Locate the validationQuery="SELECT count(*) FROM CONNECTION_TEST" option and..
  5. ..add the following new option after it: validationQueryTimeout="60"
  6. Save the file and restart the SEPM service.


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