Control Compliance Suite: Unable to migrate all checks from a CCS 8.6 source standard to a CCS 9, 10 or 11 compatible standard.

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You are using the Control Compliance Suite 10.0 Standard Migration Utility from to migrate a CCS 8.6 source standard to a CCS 9, 10 or 11 compatible standard. During the conversion not all checks are migrated and the logs show errors for the checks not migrated.



The StandardMigrator_log.csv will show the following error(s) when migrating the CCS 8.6 "CIS Solaris Benchmark v1.3.standard"

{date_and_time},Error,StandardMigrator.Shared,StandardMigrator,5452,,1,GetSection,,0,0,Check :{check_name} MetaDataException: Class name mapping not found for BVAssessmentCISSolarisBenchMark.dll;BindView.Assessment.CheckAlgorithm.Unix_FieldNameIfAvailable_NetworkIndependentParamInConfig for the complex check '{check_name}'.

The interesting thing is: for the complex check



Control Compliance Suite 8.6

Control Compliance Suite 9.0.x

Control Compliance Suite 10.x

Control Compliance Suite 11



This is by design, the Standard Migration Utility only migrates the complex checks from certain CCS standards, please see the attached manual Symantec_Control_Compliance_Suite_Standard_Migration_Utility.pdf for a list of supported standards. For all other standards, complex checks are not supported and will not migrate with the error as per above.(or refer to a slightly different .dll depending on the complex check and/or OS.)



A solution to the fact the migration tool doesn't migrate all complex checks is manually creating these checks using the CCS check builder. That is, if possible or desirable, seen as most of the complex checks are created by Symantec because the logic provided within the check builder either doesn't allow the query the check requires or the direct/dll (i.e. complex) route is less performance intensive. Alternatively, look for similar checks that you might require in the build-in standards - see if there are checks that match your requirement and copy/paste/edit these to create your standard. Complex checks cannot be edited by the CCS Check Builder.


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