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Notice of Timelines for End of Life, End of Standard Support, and End of Support Life for Patch Management Solution for Windows.


Dear Valued Symantec Customer:

 As of March 7, 2011, Symantec Corporation will End of Life (“EOL”) all versions of Patch Management Solution for Windows version 6.2, including any Maintenance Packs and/or patches for each version; in all released languages will reach their End of Life (EOL)

 Affected Symantec Product

All Versions

Replacement Product

Current  Shipping Version

End of Life for All Versions

End of Standard Support and Start of Partial Support  for All Versions

End of Support Life for All Versions

Patch Management Solution for Windows


Patch Management Solution for Windows


March 7, 2011

March 7, 2013

March 7, 2014

Special Processes or Additional Information:

  • Updates to the metadata feed used by the PMImport process in Altiris Patch Management Solution 6.2 and Altiris Patch Management Solution 6.2 SP1 will end on March 7, 2014.  This means that Altiris Patch Management Solution 6.2 and Altiris Patch Management Solution 6.2 SP1 will not be able to detect whether software updates released after that date are installed on computers and will not be able to install such updates on computers.
  • Symantec will no longer provide Content Updates for products that were eligible to receive Content Updates during GA and Partial Support phases.  This is a onetime exception to Symantec's End of Life policy.





End of Life Products/Versions identified in the table above will receive the following support services: 

STANDARD SUPPORT: Provided the customer maintains a current support subscription for the product, Symantec will provide Standard Support for issues at all severity levels until the date identified in the table above. Standard Support” means a level of Support Services that we provide to you in response to a Case. Standard Support is limited to modifications or additions to the Licensed Software that establish or restore substantial conformity with its Documentation. Standard Support also includes access to Content Updates (if applicable) as described herein. We will determine when it will be most effective to develop a new Fix, such as cases where there has been data loss, production system down, or significant security vulnerabilities identified, or other significant product defects. Note that sometimes “Standard Support” may be referred to as “Full Support” or “Normal Support.”


PARTIAL SUPPORT: At the end of the period described above, we will cease providing any Standard Support, and we will cease providing any Content Updates. Instead, we will provide “Partial Support” for all Cases at all Severity Levels.  “Partial Support” is a more limited level of Support Services than you would receive under “Standard Support.”  Partial Support is when our technical support engineer provides you with known Fixes/Patches/Workarounds, existing Maintenance Packs, or information from our technical knowledge base in response to your request for assistance. Partial Support does not include development of any new modifications to your Licensed Software. Nor will we attempt to reproduce the Problem or escalate issues through management channels or to our engineering resources. Such Partial Support will be subject to the availability of resources, and we may need to limit the time we are able to spend on the Problem.


END OF SUPPORT LIFE:  When the previous versions identified in the table above reach their End of Support Life, we will cease providing any Standard Support and any Partial Support. Please refer to the worldwide Symantec Corporation Enterprise Technical Support Policy (“Policy”) This Policy may be updated from time to time, and a current version is located at:  In the event of conflict between timelines or deliverables stated in this notice letter and those stated in the Policy, the terms of this notice letter will control to the extent of such conflict, and only with respect to the specific products and versions covered in this notice.

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