Best Practices for using Windows Firewall with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

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How to use Windows firewall along with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1



Best Practice
As a best practice recommendation it is always advised to use only one software
Firewall on a computer. Two software Firewalls running on a computer might drain resources and the both software Firewalls might have rules those might conflict with each other. Enabling more than one Firewall program is likely to result in conflicts and poor performance. 

To prevent the above situation Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) installer automatically detects and disables Windows Firewall if enabled. Exception to this would be that if SEP is installed without Network Threat Protection (NTP) active Windows Firewall will not be disabled.

If the requirement is to use Windows Firewall only following can be performed:

1. Uninstall NTP feature from SEP. There are 2 ways in which NTP can be removed.

  .      A. Use Auto Update feature to remove Firewall Component

1.       Open the SEP Management console (SEPM).

2.       Click the Admin View.

3.       Choose Installation Packages.

4.       Click Client Install Feature Sets.

5.       Click Add Client Install Feature Set.

6.       Title this as "No Firewall".

7.       Uncheck Network Threat Protection.  (You can also check/uncheck other features you want/don't want here as well).

8.       Click OK.

9.       Choose the Clients View

10.   For each client group:

o    a. Click the Install Packages tab.

o    b. Click Add Client Install Package.

o    c. Drop down the list of SEP versions and choose the current version you have deployed to your environment.

o    d. Uncheck "Maintain existing client features when updating".

o    e. Drop down the features list and choose the "No Firewall" set you created in the steps above.

o    f. Click OK.

   .  B. Remove NTP locally from a compute.

      1.   Go to Control Panel and open Add or remove Programs

2.       Select Symantec Endpoint Protection

3.       Click on Change and click Next

4.       Select Modify and Click Next

5.       Next to NTP click on the drop down and select this feature will not be installed

6.       Click next to modify the SEP Client installed

7.       Click finish to Finish the installation

 Note: Reboot is required for Network Threat Protection to be uninstalled completely.


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