When the "NT Event" task runs on a 64bit server, it fails with return code -1

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'NT Event' task from Monitor is failing on 64bit machines. The same task works on 32 bit machines.


The task fails on the agent with a "Return Code" of -1
The server reports error "The agent for this task type is not installed"


The Symantec Mangement agent is working in win32 mode but Monitor agent is working in x64 mode.


This issue is resolved in Monitor Solution 7.1

For 7.0, an install of the x86 version of the Monitor agent is required:
Uninstall x64 agent. This can be done manually or via the Uninstall policy for the Monitor agent.
Re-install x86 monitor agent package on the affected client with the following command line: “Altiris_MonitorAgentPackage_7_0_x86.exe /WOW1”

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH197035

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