Getting "Asset is unavailable" message when trying to run a CER or Data Collection job for a Unix asset and fails to bring back any data

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Running a Solaris CIS or RHEL benchmark fails to bring back any data


"UNKNOWN" for all data or yellow in graphics or times out, or get "Asset Unknown" in error results
Query timed out before completion, Unable to get data from SQL


Trying to gather data for too many files


In many cases there are just too many files for which the Standard can retrieve data in a reasonable period of time.  Therefore the Standard should be "tuned" as below.

Here are some suggestions

1. Pull out any" world" checks and setuid and setgid checks from Standard and make them their own standard(s) if data is required by auditors or security policy.
2. Set and uncomment IgnoreRemoteFileSystems=true parameter on agent in bv.conf file. Set this parameter in bvAgentlessConfig.ini if agentless
3. Comment SecuredFilesList=SecuredFilesList.dat either in bvAgent.conf on agent or in bvAgentless.ini on RMS if agentless.
4. Increase time out time registry keys to two to four hours to test if standard completes at all within a reasonable amount of time..
5. If more than one IP address on target, run -lip to bind IP address.
6. Set parameter IgnoreDirectoryPathAlways= xxx.dat to ignore directories such as Oracle databases either in bv.conf file on agent or bvAgentless.ini on RMS if agentless mode.
Format of IgnoreDirectoryPathAlways.dat is as follows -



This requires an extra <ENTER> at the end of the last line of directories

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