BUG REPORT: Using trustedcerts.pgp Causes Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.2.1 MP4 Customized Installer on Mac OS X 10.8 to Fail

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After customizing the Encryption Desktop 10.2.1 MP4 and creating the new package using a pgpocedit script, when attempting to install the software, the following error occurs:


"PGP.pkg" is damaged and can't be opened.  You should move it to the Trash.


To support Whole Disk Encryption for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Symantec has released Encryption Desktop 10.2.1 MP4. 

Mountain Lion includes a new feature called Gatekeeper which will block the installation of applications that are not approved by the Apple App store, or created by Identified Developers (to protect against malicious software).  Due to this security feature that is part of Mac OS X 10.8, special steps must be followed in order to configure a Managed or Customized package which can communicate with the PGP Universal Server.

As part of the process to create a package that can be used to install on Mac OS X 10.8, if the trustedcerts.pgp file is included with the customized package, this error will occur. 



This issue is fixed in the following release:
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.2.1 MP5 or later (including Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0)

This update is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect. fileconnect.symantec.com


The following article includes information on how to build a usable customized PGP.pkg install file on Mac OS X 10.8:


After following the article above to customize the installation package, right-click on the PGP.pkg file, open Contents, Resources,and remove the trustedcerts.pgp file.

Once the trustedcerts.pgp file has been removed, the installation package can then be used to install.

If the SSL certificate currently assigned to PGP Universal Server is a self-signed certificate, the certificate warning will appear.  If the SSL certificate assigned to PGP Universal Server is a valid and trusted certificate by Mac OS X 10.8, no certificate warning will occur.

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