HOW TO: Check the Status of the PGP NetShare Driver

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This article describes how to check the status of the PGP NetShare driver.



The condition of the driver is set by the following options:

  • active - PGP NetShare is operating normally, the default setting.
  • passive - Most PGP NetShare background functionality is disabled.


By setting the PGP NetShare driver to passive, files in the protected folder remain encrypted by PGP NetShare without affecting other PGP services on the local system.  Any new files added to a PGP NetShare protected folder while the driver is set to passive will not be encrypted.

The usage format is:

pgpnetshare --set-driver --driver-state <Option>


pgpnetshare --set-driver --driver-state active

This command sets the PGP NetShare driver to an active state.

pgpnetshare --set-driver --driver-state passive

This command sets the PGP NetShare driver to an passive state.

When the command is run successfully, the command line returns the output pgpnetshare done.

Once the command has run successfully, check the status of the driver by running the following command:

pgpnetshare --get-driver


The drive will display as active or passive


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