Content Filtering Rules no longer work, some rules use Match Lists

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A customer had upgraded from SMSDOM 4.x to SMSDOM 8.1 and then Content Filtering rules stopped working.  The problem occurred because they had several a content filtering rules using a match list and one of the words in the match list had a right parenthesis ) in the word.  This caused a problem with SMSDOM 8.x.


You do not see an error of any kind.  Basically, all CF rules just stop working.


The processing of match list words is having a problem when the word contains a right parenthesis ) within the word.


For now if a customer is using a match list of words and if any of those words have a right parenthesis ) within the word either the right parenthesis ) will have to be removed or the word as a whole be removed from the match list.  Check all words to make sure there is not right parenthesis ) within them.

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