KNOWN ISSUE: Opening a page to create a new Helpdesk Incident or edit an existing incident is slow

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When users open the page to create a new incident or to edit an existing incident, the page opens very slowly.


Helpdesk Solution 6.0.297 (SP4)


Helpdesk's Edit Incident and New Incident pages use a workitem template page. This edit page contains several sub-pages for attaching files, sending email, linking tickets, editing the contact or asset, and so on.

Each of these sub-pages are actually loaded when the edit page is first opened, but they are hidden. The part of the edit that you are in determines what is visible. Each refresh of the edit page requires that all of these sub-pages get rendered again, whether or not the sub-pages were open or were ever opened.

The loading of the many objects on the Workitem edit page causes the page to open slowly. Larger Helpdesk environments will see this even more because of the larger number of workers that get rendered on both the main edit page and the email sub-page. In addition, incidents with a large number of comments also have a big impact on the Helpdesk system, as the comment history is rendered on each of the various sub-pages.


This is the hotfix to improve the slow loading of the page when you are opening a new incident or editing an existing incident. The improvements from applying this hotfix will be seen in small to large environments, but the greatest improvements have been seen in larger environments. The improvement of the page loading is also based on how big the incidents are and how many concurrent users are working in Helpdesk. 

This hotfix achieves these improvements by changing the sub-pages from being hidden pages within the workitem edit page to being independent sub-pages that are not loaded or rendered unless that page is opened. To alleviate tickets with a large number of comments, while in edit mode, only the previous comment is displayed by default. All comments can be displayed by hitting the "More History" link; however, it is recommended that workers get in the habit of viewing history in view mode and then when they are ready, making changes in edit mode.

To install this hotfix:
  1. Download the hotfix file "" which is attached to this article.
  2. On your Helpdesk server, unzip "" and copy all files except aliases.txt to the folder \Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\templates.
    There are ten .ASCX files and one file.
  3. Open aliases.txt file in "" in a text editor.
  4. Open the file \Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\web.config in a text editor.
  5. Locate the <files ...> section in the XML file.
  6. Copy the lines found in the aliases.txt file and append them into the <files ...> node.
  7. Save the web.config. (This will cause the Helpdesk Web Application to restart with the changes.)
The attached templates are intended to be used with Helpdesk Solution 6 SP4 (6.0.297). The install instructions are designed for non-customized Helpdesk installs. Customers with a customized workitemedit.ascx template, will need to re-due their customization to take advantage of these changes. As with all customizations, make a copy of the new templates to a custom folder and using a custom.config, make a file pointer to your custom copy of these templates. Under the old workitemedit template, all customizations were done in one file; however, with these pages now split into several sub template pages, customizations will need to be moved to the appropriate sub template page. Most standard customizations will be done in the subWorkItemEditGeneral.ascx template. If needed contact your sales representative in engaging Professional Services to have these customizations redone.

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