Symantec PGP Encryption on Mac 10.8.2 causes not bootable icon

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Encryption of the Mac OS X disk on 10.8.2 with PGP 10.2.1 mp4 causes a gray screen to appear with the non bootable icon after a reboot.


After authenticating through bootguard, the Mac screen turns gray and a red non bootable icon is shown.


Mac OS X 10.8.X

Symantec PGP 10.2.1 mp4


The drive has had previous drive modifications made to it, such as dual-boot or previous encryption and was not restored back to its pristine state. 

In this scenario, it is difficult to understand what exactly has happened to the disk, but a simple format of the disk does not resolve the issue.


If the affected drive in question is using a supported file system, and does not contain any unsupported file systems. See here for supported systems

If this is the case, re-partitioning the drive and re-installing Mac OSX should resolve this problem. 

Using Disk Utility, create 3 or more partitions to break the current partitions, and then re-assign the disk 1 partition.  Install Mac OSX on the disk and attempt to encrypt the drive.

This should allow the partition tables to be recreated and the disk should be pristine again.

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