VMM Inventory is failing with "Error_Unknown:Compute resource not found for host in CreateVM"

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VMM Inventory task is failing.


Error_Unknown:Error_Host_Configuration Compute resource not found for host in CreateVM


Virtual Machine Management (VMM) 7.1 SP2


Please apply the pointfix attached.


1. Please add Altiris.VMM.MSHyperV.dll, Altiris.VMM.VMan.dll, Altiris.VMM.VMware.dll into the GAC using gacutil -I <path to files>.

2. Then, add in the respective policy.dll files into the GAC. These are policy.7.1 Altiris.VMM.MSHyperV.dll, policy.7.1.Altiris.VMM.VMan.dll and policy.7.1.Altiris.VMM.VMware.dll. You do not need to add the .config files into the GAC, however they need to remain in the same directory as the .dll files.

2. Execute "Updated_spGetHostInfo_spGetSnapshotInfo.sql" in the Symantec_CMDB database.

3. A restart of the Altiris Object Host Service (Atrshost.exe) will be required for Atrshost.exe to consume the new DLLs.

Go to the assembly/GAC_MSIL directory and ensure the files are successfully added.



VMM Pointfix.zip (107 kBytes)

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