Data Connector Import Rule skips rows when trying to import foreign keys that include a backslash "\" character

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When trying to use a Data Connector Import Rule with foreign keys that have a backslash "\" character in them, the rows are skipped. Reviewing the import log, an error is shown for the skipped rows. Backslashes work fine, however, in non-foreign key fields.


The following is an example error from the import log, when trying to add a backslash to the values for the Ownership Details foreign key field:

Row 1 skipped for data class 'Ownership Details'. Data class foreign key lookup on column 'Owner' failed.
Row 1 skipped for data class 'Ownership Details'. An unexpected exception occurred while processing data class data. Error: The parameterized query '(@__RowNumber__ bigint,@__ResourceGuid__ uniqueidentifier,@Param' expects the parameter '@Param0', which was not supplied..


Data Connector 7.1 SP2
Data Connector 7.1 SP2 MP1.1


Defect, Etrack 2994707.


This issue will be resolved in a future version of Data Connector. There is no solution to this issue other than changing the data (see below).

The only available workaround is to not include the backslash character in any foreign key values. If the backslash character is in the actual values in the database, and as the foreign key is basically a lookup value, this is assumed that it is, for example, a user's Display Name, "Smith\, Joe", for example, this will present an issue because the Import Rule cannot use the backslash. The data record for the user or other resource would need to be first changed to not include the backslash before the Import Rule could then be successfully ran.

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