"Add Role" window doesn't display anything while trying to add a Role in the Members tab for a Security Role

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Customer reported that when he is trying to add a Role to one of his existing Security Roles, under Settings>Security>Account Management>Roles then you select
a Role, then under the Members Tab, click on Add Member>Add Role, the windows that pops up stay blank and doesn't display any other role to be added.

The customer has around 237 Security Roles.

One thing that we noticed is that when he tries to Add Member>Add Role under the Members tab, if it has over 100 Roles already added then we get the issue. We tried with around 83 Roles or less added to the Security Role and it worked just fine.

1. under Settings>Security>Account Management>Roles click  on Add>New Role, add 100 or more new Roles
2. Then select an existing Security Role and add those Roles and few more from the existing ones. Save the changes.
3. Then under the Members Tab, click on Add Member>Add Role, a window will appear but it will stay blank.


Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP2


Known Issue.


This issue has been reported to Symantec Development team. A permanent fix should be available with the ITMS 7.5 Release.

There is a workaround that should fix this issue:

1. Go to IIS=>Click on Default Website=>Request Filtering=>Edit Feature Settings=>Maximum query string(Bytes)

Increase this value from 2048 to something bigger (you can start by 1000 increments).

2. Other option is to open \Notification Server\Web\web.config and inside it add requestLimits

<remove segment="bin" />
<requestLimits maxUrl="2048" maxQueryString="10240" />

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