Classify EM ticket with attachment doesn't pass the attachment to IM ticket.

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If you have a EM ticket with attachment and you classify email to create IM ticket the new process is created but attachment is not included to new process.

The behavior is the same if you use Create Incident Quickly or Create Incident By Setting Priority.


There is no error shown in the logs.


ServiceDesk 7.5


1. Open SD.Email.InboundManagement package

2. On Primary model copy components
 1.7 - Get Document Category By Name 
 1.10 - For Each Attachment
 1.11 - Add Document

3. Open component 1.18 - Email Received, Decisions Required

4. Navigate to Interaction Setup tab and edit the Dialog Model: Forms Model: 160 Components

5. Paste Components and place them next to component 37 - Submit Incident Ticket.

6. Connect strings as shown on picture.

7. Configure component 98 - Get Document Category By Name.
Inputs tab: Category name: [ClosingMessage.ReportProcessID] click edit and remove this value.
Add new string: [NewIncidentProcessID] - exclamation mark will disappear.

8. Save and publish workflow project.

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