Contol Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.0 Data Collection jobs throw exception: Unable to locate type: Symantec.Control.Provider.RMSReader

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After CCS upgrade to v11.0, Data Collection job workflows, using Windows - Information Sever, fail with two (2) major exceptions causing subsequent Evaluation jobs to report incorrect compliance score.


Exception 1: Publisher for assembly not verified

Exception 2: Unable to locate type: Symantec.Control.Provider.RMSReader, Control.Provider


Exceptions occurred because multiple threads in Data Processing Service worker process were trying to load same type using Type.GetType .net API causing a conflict.


Apply CCS Reporting & Analytics Quick Fix QF10104 to resolve the issue.

NOTE: Before you apply Quick Fix 10104, ensure that you have installed Symantec Control Compliance Suite v11.0 with MP1 (PU 2012-1).



CCS_ v11.0_PU_10104_2957454_QF (32 kBytes)

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